4 Signs Of Dental Issues In Cats: What You Can Do

9 November 2020
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Your cat's teeth are very important and should be cared for properly. If you've ever tried to brush your cat's teeth though, you may already know that this is next to impossible. If your cat will sit still while you brush their teeth, consider yourself lucky. Most cats need to go to the veterinarian to have their teeth cleaned and may need to be put under an anesthetic in order to have them cleaned properly. If you haven't been taking care of your cat's teeth, you need to start doing so. Read on for a few dental issues you should keep an eye out for and other tips to take care of your cat's teeth.

1. Bad Breath

Your cat may not have breath that smells like freshly baked cookies, but if it's considerably awful when your cat breathes by you, it could be the sign of dental issues. Your cat could have a rotten tooth or gum disease that is causing the bad breath. They will need to have their teeth looked at by a veterinarian to diagnose them properly.

2. Pawing At The Mouth

Your cat probably paws at everything, including invisible objects in the air, but if they pawing at their mouth an awful lot, it could be the sign of a dental issue. Your cat could have pain in their mouth that they are trying to paw away, or could have an infection that is causing them pain. Either way, if you notice them pawing at his mouth a lot, have this looked into further. Don't ignore this sign, as it could worsen further and cause your cat even more pain.

3. Problems Eating

If your cat that typically tears through their food at dinner time is suddenly not eating or having trouble getting food down, it may be a teeth issue. Your cat may also lose weight from this issue. If you notice weight loss and you haven't put your cat on a diet, or you see that your cat isn't eating as they usually do, take them to the veterinarian for a checkup.

4. Drooling

Drooling is another sign of a dental issue. Cats don't typically drool, so if you notice a lot of drool coming from your cat's mouth, have their teeth looked at or try to take a look for any redness, swelling, or bleeding. If they continue to drool, or if it worsens, get them to the veterinarian.

You should be taking your cat to the veterinarian for a routine cleaning annually. Giving your cat a proper diet and treats made for felines is also important. Have your cat's teeth cleaned and cared for to prevent dental issues. Talk to your veterinarian about other things you can do to take care of your cat's teeth. Contact a cat dentist for more information.