A Few Pet Medical Services To Discuss With Your Veterinarian

8 July 2018
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No matter what type of pet you own, it is your responsibility to make sure it remains healthy and to have it treated if it does become ill. This means that the animal needs to see a veterinarian on occasion, and not just when it is ill or injured. When you first get a new pet, you should take it to the vet for a well-check and discuss different pet medical services that will be needed throughout its life. Here are a few things you should discuss with the doctor to be a responsible animal owner.


Like with humans, there are some diseases an animal may catch that could have been avoided with a vaccination. There are some diseases that seem to be more prominent in different geographical areas. Discuss the different vaccinations that are available for your pet and which ones are going to be most important for your pet's health. While you could give all the different vaccines to protect against all diseases, ask if it is really necessary. 

If your doctor feels it is, ask if the dosage has been figured according to your pet's weight. You do not want to have too much of any medication given, as it can cause the animal to become ill. This is why you should always take your pet to a veterinarian for their vaccinations instead of giving them a shot you purchased at an animal supply store.


Many people automatically worm their pets on a schedule. They may even rotate different types of worming medication. However, why give them the medication if they do not have worms? This can only lead to the parasites becoming resistant to the medications. Instead, take your pet to the doctor, or have the doctor come to the farm, and have a fecal sample tested for worms. Then, you can be sure to get the right medication for the type of worm and get rid of them. At the initial visit, ask the vet how often you should have them tested as some areas have a bigger problem with worms than other areas.

While talking with the vet, it is important that you let them know if you and your pet travel a lot or if you take your pet to public places. While this is very good for the animal and provides socialization skills, it can also lead to disease and parasites. Your doctor will then adjust any required preventive treatments to take the socialization into consideration. Don't attempt to medicate your animals yourself unless you have specific instructions from your veterinarian; it could make matters worse.

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