4 Ways To Prepare For Travel When You Have A Pet

27 June 2018
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If you have a pet and plan on traveling this summer, you need to make sure that you have a plan for your pet when you travel.

Get Your Pet a Check-Up

The first thing you need to do is get your pet a check-up. Many kennels and pet boarding facilities require you to prove that your pet is in good health through the vet records. These records can't be years or even months old, they need to be recent.

Take your pet to your vet and get a check-up done. That way, you can show any boarding facility that you want to use that your pet is in good health. Taking your pet to the vet for a check-up is also a good way to ensure that your pet is in good health before you go on vacation, and can prevent you having to deal with a pet health emergency when you are out of town.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Up to Date on Their Vaccines

In addition to wanting to make sure that your pet is healthy, many pet boarding facilities also require that your pet be up-to-date on their vaccines as well.  Check in with your vet to see if your pet has all of their mandatory or highly-recommended vaccines.

If they are lacking any vaccines, then you are going to want to get your pet in as soon as possible to start the vaccine process. With many vaccines, more than one shot is required when starting a vaccine, so you need to give yourself time to get all of the required vaccines for your pet.

Have a List of Emergency Contacts

Next, figure out a list of emergency contacts for your pet. You are going to want to list the number of your vet as well as a back-up animal hospital or clinic to call if your vet is not available.

If you are using an in-home pet sitting, you are also going to want to have a list of back-up pet-sitters or friends who can take your pets should you pet sitter face an emergency. This list can also be useful if one of your pet's get sick, and your house sitter needs assistance taking care of all remaining healthy pets as well.

Of course, your emergency contact list should include all the possible ways that your pet sitter or boarding facility could reach you or your family.

Schedule for Care

Finally, make sure that you schedule care for your pet as advance as possible. Keep in mind that during the busy summer travel season, it may be a little harder for you to find a boarding facility or pet sitter with the availability you need. By scheduling care for your pets as early as possible, you will give yourself time to find the right care for your pets.

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