3 Ways To Relieve Your Pet's Pain Without Pain-Killing Drugs

25 June 2018
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Taking care of your pet requires a lot of decisions on the pet owner's part. While a child or another adult can tell you what you want, making the right choices for your pet falls entirely on your shoulders. If you're trying to do the right thing for your pet's overall health by avoiding harsh or dangerous drugs but you don't want your pet to suffer, you'll be glad to know they don't have to. Here are three ways to ease your pet's discomfort without relying on heavy painkillers.

Water Therapy

Water therapy is a popular way of strengthening muscles and rehabilitating pets who are experiencing pain. Water therapy securely harnesses a pet in a shallow tub of water that is deep enough for them to swim in, but not high enough to cause any difficulty breathing. Pets are then encouraged to swim, walk, run, and simply float in the water.

Exercising in water reduces the amount of strain put on the joints, so your pet can exercise without worsening their condition. It also helps to ease pain and discomfort, especially if your vet uses warm water to soothe your pet's joints.


Acupuncture is gaining popularity among vets and pet owners alike. In fact, it's becoming so popular that many veterinarians are either learning how to perform acupuncture themselves or hiring on-staff acupuncturists for their veterinary practices.

Acupuncture is a great way of relieving pain in your pet. The needles are inserted into the skin where the body releases natural pain-killing chemicals like dopamine into the body. This encourages the body to relax and feel better. It's also believed to increase circulation to those parts of the body, which may help to reduce your pet's pain and encourage healing.

Joint Supplements

Lastly, consider asking your vet about joint supplements if your pet is getting older. Pets, like humans, can experience joint damage either from injuries or just from old age. When the cartilage and cushioning between the joints is lost, it ultimately causes bone-on-bone grinding which can be very painful.

Joint supplements can help to replace or restore the lost cushioning in your pet's joints, making them feel more comfortable. It can also help to get your pet back on a regular exercise schedule, which may ultimately help to reduce your pet's weight and keep them healthier and happier for years to come.

Taking care of your pet's pain doesn't have to mean exposing them to dangerous drugs. If you're tired of seeing your cat or dog in discomfort, click here to find out more, and talk to your vet about what alternative therapies they offer to help your pet.