Don't Mess With The Canines: Why Your Fur Baby Needs Dental Care Too

22 June 2018
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If you're the parent of a canine fur baby, you need to provide it with all the care it will need to remain healthy and happy. That includes providing your fur baby with the right dental care. You might not realize this, but your canine fur baby should be seeing the dentist at least twice a year; the same as you. If it's been longer than six months since your fur baby had their teeth cared for, here are four reasons why you need to schedule a dog dental cleaning as soon as possible.

Eliminate Foul Doggy Breath

If your dog has developed odor that is anything but pleasant, it's time to see the veterinarian for some dental care. That odor could be caused by an accumulation of food between your dog's teeth. Not only that, but your dog could be developing bacteria in its mouth that could lead to tooth decay. A thorough cleaning will remove the rotting food deposits, prevent tooth decay, and keep your dog's breath smelling fresh.

Protect Against Gum Disease

If it's been a while since your dog had dental care, its gums might not be as healthy as they should be. Unfortunately, dogs can develop gum disease, much the same as their human counter-parts. Like with humans, gum disease can cause serious health risks for your dog. To help keep your dog healthy, and to eliminate the risk of gum disease, you should have its teeth cleaned twice a year.

Get Rid of Harmful Plaque

If your dog has thick deposits on the surface of its teeth, it probably has a problem with plaque. Unfortunately, plaque can lead to tooth decay, cavities, and painful dental problems for your dog. Semi-annual teeth cleaning can help get rid of harmful plaque, which will help keep your dog's teeth healthy.

Prevent Tooth Loss

If you've been postponing having your dog's teeth cleaned, it could be at risk for premature tooth loss. Unfortunately, once your dog loses its teeth, it won't be able to eat its food properly, which can lead to malnutrition and other health problems. You can help prevent tooth loss, and ensure that your dog retains healthy teeth and gums, by scheduling dental care appointments twice a year.

Don't jeopardize your dog's dental health. Be sure to schedule a teeth cleaning for your dog at least twice a year. If your dog is refusing to eat, or has developed bad breath, be sure to consult with your veterinarian as quickly as possible.