4 Signs Of Dental Issues In Cats: What You Can Do

9 November 2020
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Your cat's teeth are very important and should be cared for properly. If you've ever tried to brush your cat's teeth though, you may already know that this is next to impossible. If your cat will sit still while you brush their teeth, consider yourself lucky. Most cats need to go to the veterinarian to have their teeth cleaned and may need to be put under an anesthetic in order to have them cleaned properly. Read More 

Still Producing Hairballs With Regular Grooming? Your Cat May Have An Eating Disorder

17 July 2018
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Most cats can get over their hairball problems simply by having their owners or a professional groom them on a regular basis. However, if your cat or cats are already being groomed and hairballs are still happening, it might indicate that another problem is to blame. Read on to discover if your cat has an eating disorder, and if so, what to do about it. Pica As far as eating disorders go, pica is a strange one. Read More 

4 Reasons You Need To Take Your Fur Friend To The Vet On A Regular Basis

16 July 2018
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As a pet owner, you probably love your fur friend like family. Pets can mean the world to us, so we need to make sure that we always give them the best care. This includes taking them to the veterinarian on a regular basis. Some pet owners assume that if their pet appears happy and isn't sick, there is no need to go to the vet. But, this isn't true! Keep reading to better understand why you need to take your furry best friends to the vet on a regular basis: Read More 

Why Going To The Emergency Vet Over The Weekend Is Important

12 July 2018
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A lot of people have found that their regular veterinarian is not open on the weekend, or they may only have limited hours early on a Saturday. It is because of this that many pet owners have found themselves in a position where they have to wait to get their pet the medical care it needs. However, there may come a time in which you want to avoid the wait and simply take your pet directly to the emergency vet. Read More 

Care Tips For Your Dog’s Paw Pads

10 July 2018
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The pads on your dog's paws are very sensitive and require care from you as a pet owner. These pads can crack, bleed, become dry, burn or even be so painful that your dog has difficulty walking. Caring for these pads is very important to prevent pain. Read on for tips to help care for your dog's paw pads. Keep Their Fur Trimmed Your dog's fur may grow through the pads of his paws. Read More